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In this map you can search for skaters from your area and contact them for a session with a tag on our telegram group: Sk8tpy.
Add #Sk8Tpy to your Instagram posts to be featured on @Sk8Tpy

If you aren't here yet, write on telegram to @Sk8Therapy sending this data:

real name 
Date of Birth
Skate Style

The data is collected for the sole purpose of connecting you with other skaters, it will not be used commercially or disclosed in details, we want to protect your privacy and for this reason, at the moment we prefer to go through telegram without sharing emails and sensitive data.

As a result of your participation you may be tagged when someone is looking for partners to skate in your city or advices on spots related to your style.

You can contact other skaters within our group Sk8tpy (international),  SkateTherapy (Italian) and Sk8mapa (Spanish)

if they respond you can then switch to a private conversation, direct indiscreet contacts or for promotional purposes could lead to being blocked by all members of the community.

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