Oldschool Surfskate Deck - Time Travel

121.00 - 249.00
Oldschool Surfskate Deck - Time Travel

Deck 10.23" x 31.25"
double wheelbase: 15" and 17"
shape: Old School
Concave: medium
Weight: 1,429 kg

The Time Travel combines an old-school shape with a modern concave and high tech materials.
It is a time travel because it merges the best from the old and the modern times and we are proud to launch it together with our Grind formula Surf Trucks.

The Time Travel is an old-school, lightweight and extremely durable, with a wheelbase functional with both tkp trucks and surf trucks.
We inverted the kingpin to protect it when grinding, it will work with both short and tall bushings.

The old-school shape being more narrow in the back truck is perfect to avoid wheel bites, and to push your snaps with your toes or heels.
Plus it still offer you the joy of a wide platform to land your tricks.

The complete option include griptape and our best wheels for tricks, the Stoned 65mm (place in the note if you prefer the 69mm for a more surfy feeling)

Nose and tail kicks are perfect for popping any trick, and you will still find our formula for variable wheelbase, this time it will be between 15.8 and 17.8 inches.
In the interval between the two wheelbases, there are 9 intermediate positions using our surf trucks.