Truck skate 6"

34.00 - 125.00
Truck skate 6"

With an hanger of 6" this truck is ideal for popsicle board from 8.25" to 9"

If you need it for a wide cruiser take the combo with riser we will help you to find the best riser size and the ideal bolt for them.

It also a perfect size to be combined with surf adapters like yow, waterborne or smoothstar.

It mount barrel/conic 90a bushings customizable to 80a that are great for kids or light weight.

Just leave a note for:
- if you prefer the 80a bushings
- If you buy the combo with wheels pick the 54mm or 56mm or 56mm wide
- if you buy the combo with hardware and risers let me know the riser size In mm or inch.