Surf Therapy Deck

115.00 - 241.00
Surf Therapy Deck

Deck 9.75" x 31"
Weight: 1,264 kg
Shape: Fish
Concave: medium
Layers: 2 Maple+ 2 carbonfiber + 1 bamboo

The Surf Therapy is inspired to a surfboard shape for a reason:
- the skinny nose saves on weight while still providing leverage for your tricks
- the narrow tail offers you pockets to push your snaps with your toes or heels.

The Surf therapy is our lightest deck, but still extremely durable, with a variable wheelbase functional with tkp trucks and perfect for surf trucks.
You will get 9 intermediate positions using our surf trucks going from 15.8 and 17.8 inches.

If you like to grind try the combo with our new surf trucks with an inverted kingpin, we inverted the kingpin to protect it when grinding, it will work with both short and tall bushings.

The complete option include griptape, wheels 69mm to offer you the most surfy feeling (place in the note if you prefer the 65mm, the best choice for tricks in the park)